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A hands-on approach to helping you and your business. We provide the support and quality of a General Manager to businesses that can benefit from an injection of professional management and are not yet able to financially sustain a full-time General Manager. Our customised approach means we work with Founders/CEOs as their Dynamic GM, taking over the tasks they dislike the most so that they can enjoy their business again.

Facilitate Team Meetings

  • Setting up regular team meetings directly with team members.
  • Involvement with all parts of the business to promote cross accountability.
  • Taking and sharing minutes of meetings.
  • Holding attendees accountable to actions.

Sales & Operational Support

  • Undertaking market investigation.
  • Setting up sales targets.
  • Reviewing operational output.
  • Streamlining processes in the business.

Cashflow Monitoring & Improvement

  • Cashflow projections.
  • Supplier management.
  • Debtor management.

Handling of HR & Performance Issues

  • Setting up job descriptions.
  • Identifying key performance indicators for each position.
  • Providing leadership and management mentoring.
  • Supporting poor performance through to improvement.

Review & Refine Business Strategy

  • Constructing a business strategy and setting goals.
  • Refine business goals to positional goals.
  • Review outcomes regularly.
  • Report and feedback to the Founder/CEO & team.

Project Management

  • Setting a project plan with agreed timelines
  • Setting up a project budget
  • Managing project team meetings and holding team accountable
  • Managing Stakeholders, keeping everyone updated on progress

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